Lauren Perlman is a distinguished interior designer based in Surrey, your go-to expert for transforming spaces in to works of art. Lauren has a wealth of experience in interior architecture and construction working on many projects from the planning stage through to completion. She specialises in residential interiors, bespoke furniture design, decorative accessories and landscaping. Her artistic footprint spans the globe including work in South Africa, Europe and London.  What sets Lauren apart is her unwavering commitment to collaboration and a warm, personable approach. She understands that your home is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle, and she works closely with you to ensure that your vision takes centre stage and tells your unique story. As a devoted collector herself, Lauren is deeply passionate about art, craft, and handcrafted treasures, which elegantly accentuate her interior creations. She champions the craftsmen and artists she collaborates with, nurturing close relationships to infuse every project with a touch of authenticity.  Step into one of Lauren’s interiors, and you’ll find an eclectic mix that effortlessly spans the spectrum from luxury designer items to the charm of affordable, found treasures. When you choose to work with Lauren, you will embark on a journey of artistic expression, balance, and sustainability that transforms your space into a timeless masterpiece.